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TomTom Fitness launches new digital retail POS display

Posted: April 25, 2016

TomTom has launched a new digital retail display to promote its latest range of TomTom Fitness watches, with the help of leading retail shopper marketing agency HRG.
Drawing on the agency’s retail experience, as well as shopper insight, TomTom and HRG have collectively created a highly intuitive app that makes digital content the hero of the in-store display, with each POS display unit featuring an integrated digital application to help drive shopper engagement at the point-of-purchase.

“Wearable devices are becoming an inescapable part of our everyday lives, and TomTom is at the forefront of developing the technology within the GPS sports and fitness watch market. We have enjoyed applying our own technology expertise for TomTom in-store to help develop its retail presence across Europe,” says Russell Langridge, sales and marketing director at HRG.

The new retail displays are lean, light and flexible, offering TomTom more than 22 different in-store configurations – essential to meet the needs of TomTom retail partners and their varied approaches to merchandising multi-sport GPS fitness watches.

The project saw HRG advising TomTom throughout the process to optimise the user experience in-store, while ensuring the app remained well-suited to multiple language markets.

“With so many new products coming to market and variants in product features, the sports watch category can be particularly complex for shoppers. As a result, it’s vital for shoppers to be able to navigate their way to the right product quickly. Experiencing all of the real-world benefits of TomTom Fitness watches is an essential part of that decision making process. However, live product demos, in this context, offer little benefit to the shopper, as they are unable to test products in-store in a meaningful ‘real life’ way,” explains Langridge.

“Therefore for the new retail displays it was decided to use dummy units – enabling shoppers to still touch and feel the quality of the products – supported by a high impact interactive digital app that let shoppers ‘get in the zone’.”

The planned retail implementation programme will see the new TomTom Fitness retail displays appear in stores across Europe.