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The Revival of the QR Code

QR codes aren’t new – they’ve been around since the mid 90’s, but they’ve seen a revival lately thanks to Covid-19 and the need to get information to consumer’s safely.

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Thirty Thoughts at 30

This year was a cause for celebration at HRG as we head into our 30th year of insight driven creativity and implementation. We've taken the opportunity to step back and reflect on some key influential shifts in human behaviour. Strangely we ended up with... 30.

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The Importance of Brand Humanity

There is no death of retail, there is only an evolution of it. We discuss how brand humanity is integral to retail in 2020 and beyond.

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How to improve safetisfaction with voice-activated technology

Your efforts may help customers feel safe in your store, but do they feel satisfied? Are they getting the same experience if there was no pandemic? We discuss ways in which you can help your customers feel safe AND satisfied.

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Global Beverage Trends of 2020

Which key consumer trends are set to disrupt the global beverage market in the year ahead? Read more here...

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4 Predictions for the DTC Market

With heightened expectations for DTC brands, we highlight 4 predictions for the future.

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The Rise in Reactive Marketing

Reactive marketing can be effective in raising brand awareness. It is no longer deemed a cheap win, but a reaction to an increasing consumer demand for humour, humility and social awareness...

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Amazon – Friend or Foe?

We've been thinking about the role and power Amazon now holds, and more specifically, that if we were brand owners, what we should do and whether we should be cautious!

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The State of Global Travel Retail 2020

Today, Global Travel Retail represents a $75bn sector (2018), but, by 2025, it's predicted to grow to become a $153.7bn market, driven primarily by airports and Asia.

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Primark is the Disneyland of Shops

If Primark are looking to create the next generation in retail, which needs to lean towards an experience to compete with the ease of online-shopping, then they’re certainly moving in the right direction with all of their innovative in-store digital media.

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The Drum Design Awards, Finalist 2019

We are pleased to announce two of our entries made the final shortlist for this years Drum Design Awards – Kraken 'Seek out the Kraken' for Proximo Spirits UK, and Hendrick's Gin 'Curiositarium' for William Grant & Sons!

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At its core, gamification is about integrating game mechanics into a system in order to motivate users to participate, increase engagement, and create brand loyalty. It's about giving users a goal and rewarding them for reaching that goal, whether it be with a prize or a sense of accomplishment.

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