Stuart Becker

Stuart Becker

Managing Director


We live in a world where technology and innovation moves at an incredible pace, and consumer behavior evolves with the changes this brings. That makes what we do both challenging and exciting, and requires the need to genuinely embrace change, looking at the many opportunities it brings – this is why coming to work is as fresh now as it was when I joined HRG 25 years ago.

Despite these advances, there are aspects that should never change – customer service, relationships, trust, respect and empathy. These are the things that make us human and enable us to enjoy what we do, whilst achieving the satisfaction of doing a great job.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me with my wife and family (which includes 2 amazing grandchildren). I enjoy gardening, scuba diving, playing golf, cooking, working on cars and building ‘stuff’. I’m also a bit of Sci-Fi and horror fiction fan.