Many clients come to us asking the same thing:

How can I create a memorable, engaging experience for my customers that will reward them for taking part in a promotion?

The name of the game here is gamification. At its core, gamification is about integrating game mechanics into a system in order to motivate users to participate, increase engagement, and create brand loyalty. It’s about giving users a goal and rewarding them for reaching that goal, whether it be with a prize or a sense of accomplishment.

There are three highly effective gamification tactics that can be deployed to put you right on target in the brand-building and brand-loyalty stakes.



Gamification is delivering a customer retention experience which adds value to the product. It’s about enticing the customer into staying connected to the product and brand beyond their purchase. Augmented reality is one such way of engaging the customer after their purchase by providing a new, exciting experience. This can be achieved through a branded app downloaded onto the customers phone or tablet.

This adds value to the product by building on the customers brand experience in whatever setting they happen to be; at home, in the pub, at the airport, etc. Excited by the experience, customers will be keen to share their selfies with friends on social media.



An example of one-second gamification is the tempting “Do NOT press the BIG RED BUTTON!!

One-second gamification is all about building anticipation for a brand engagement. The action itself will only last a second but it leaves a lasting impression on the user through its humour and replay value. Executions like this can generate massive viral awareness which can help draw new customers into the brand.

The important thing to remember with this method of gamification is to build anticipation; it needs to surprise the customer!



“Spin to Win” is a classic method of gamification, and can work really well for your brand when a “never lose” mechanic is included. Spins could be earned by interacting with the brand in various ways, either by liking or following them on social media, or by purchasing the product. After earning their spins, rather than losing, tokens could be awarded which can be redeemed for discounts online, or even free products. This way clients are encouraging purchasing and brand loyalty as customers will want to earn as many spins as possible.


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