Digital Personalisation in Retail

Digital Personalisation in Retail

As the retail industry innovates, it is becoming clear to see brands are using personalisation in retail to create stand out and form an emotional connection between the brand and customer. This positively impacts on the shoppers purchasing decision.

Last year HRG developed a distinctive and fun POP activation for Kellogg’s within premium retailer Selfridges in the Trafford Centre. They offered customers a personalised sleeve when purchasing a box of their favourite Kellogg’s cereal. We provided the latest in digital touch screen user experience and integrated printing technology allowing shoppers to add their name, print and instantly take home their personalised cereal box.

The POP activation was a great success and was attributed to shoppers connecting to the brand through personalisation. The activation presented cereal and the brand in a memorable way. This is a powerful strategy for brands to stand out from their competition and win the hearts of their consumers. A recent study from Infosys found that almost one third of consumers wanted more personalisation in their shopping experiences.

The ‘gifting occasion’ is a primary driver behind the growth in personalisation of everyday items. Consumers like to inject their own personality into their favourite brands. The timings of the Kellogg’s activation being in the busy run up to Christmas was no coincidence as people bought these as stocking fillers as part of their festive shopping for family and friends, adding a sense of fun to the Christmas Day breakfast table!

As the retail industry is highly competitive, brands constantly need to find new and innovative ways to differentiate themselves both for their existing and potential new customers and personalisation is a great way to drive appeal and loyalty. Want to find out how we can add personalisation into your brand engagement? Get in touch at


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