Primark is the Disneyland of Shops

Primark is the Disneyland of Shops

Primark is well known for its unusual business model when it comes to digital. Unlike many of its high street competitors there is no option to “get it online” if you cannot find it in store. They do not offer online shopping because they want you in their stores.

So how do you ensure continued footfall? Provide customers with an experience!

This experience should not only target the shoppers looking for something competitively priced, but also the poor spouse who may have been dragged into the store against their will. Primark offers “non-shopper” friendly areas where phones can be re-charged, water bottles can be re-filled, and you can eat lunch with Mickey Mouse! The Primark store in Birmingham even features a Disney Café which encourages young families to visit as more of an attraction, rather than a dedicated shopping destination.

All of this gets people into the store, and once they’re in who can resist a quick bargain? The store currently boasts 23 state-of-the-art digital displays, ranging from video walls to Window LED screens. The digital content these screens display are used as way-finders, or welcoming screens to advertise the different attractions on each floor. This improves the experience of the shopper and helps them navigate the store.

A study by Mood Media surveyed 10’000 shoppers and found that 46% of them have been influenced by digital content they’ve viewed in store, while a massive 58% of consumers say that engaging video content has a positive impact on their shopper experience.

If Primark are looking to create the next generation in retail, which needs to lean towards an experience to compete with the ease of online-shopping, then they’re certainly moving in the right direction with all of their innovative in-store digital media.

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