Global Beverage Trends of 2020

Global Beverage Trends of 2020

The global beverage industry is certainly not known for being inactive. There are considerable and surprising trends which have frequently changed the face of the market, transforming the consumer experience with each development.

However, as we transition into a new era of retail, there is no denying the importance for authenticity, innovation and connection. Brands and retailers must work even hard to establish (or re-establish) themselves as industry leaders; brewing their own success through enhanced consumer relationships.

This demand for authenticity is not a newfound trend, it has been at the heart of retail strategies for some time. However, in current times, it is important that we re-balance the ‘COVID-19 effect’ and continue on a path towards authenticity in retail. After all, we have been witnessing a growing affinity with brands or retailers who have shown empathy during the pandemic; illustrating the importance of relationships which exceed the traditional sales model.

Authenticity is just one of the key consumer trends which are greatly affecting the global beverage sector. In our latest whitepaper, we discuss the top five trends which are shaping the industry and our vision for a future of optimised consumer experience.

You can download our latest insight whitepaper here.

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