The Rise in Reactive Marketing

The 2020 Trend

In an era of Trump memes, Netflix marathons and reddit articles, it’s easy to see why marketeers are finding it difficult to cut through the noise and engage with their audience. Combining this preference for digital hilarity with an oversaturated market, it has become apparent that a brands tone of voice and retail value is only one part of the equation for success.

The hard truth is that the wealth of choice, combined with an abundance of channels and social distractions, has resulted in promiscuous shoppers. Whilst we may still value the quality of a product or the longevity of a brand, we have begun to navigate our way through retail by choosing those brands who disrupt the mould.

Key to this evolution in desire and demand is the concept of reactive marketing; a form of authentic brand investment that any business can partake in. But what exactly is it?

Essentially, reactive marketing is a response to the ‘watercooler topics’ of the day. Whilst proactive marketing attempts to foresee the competition and build upon past results, reactive marketing is an entirely unforeseen strategy which must be rapid in order to gain success.

Traditionally, this style of marketing was overlooked with brands refusing to gain notoriety off the back of another business. Instead, they sought completely original strategies which had not been previously touched upon. Of course, the concept of this innovative approach remains highly important, but we have come to understand that reactive marketing can be equally effective in raising brand awareness. It is no longer deemed a cheap win, but a reaction to an increasing consumer demand for humour, humility and social awareness…

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As experts in retail & shopper marketing, we understand the strains of the current pandemic and the countless unknowns of the future. However, we also appreciate the many brands striving to not only curate positive relationships in the present, but build strategies for a successful future.

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