KitKat Bus Activation

“Have a break, have a KitKat”

One of the most iconic and successful slogans in advertising, born in London in 1958. Inspired by the British icon familiar to travellers world over, the highly photogenic, distinctive and vibrant London red bus-shaped gondola display already helps to Champion the KitKat range.

The ever challenging and saturated confectionary category sees brands constantly competing to achieve the best standout.

Tasked to help re-ignite growth in the confectionary category and create excitement in the travel retail environment HRG have evolved the iconic KitKat bus so that it remains innovative and ahead of the competition.

The latest release includes a multi-lingual touchscreen on the front that allows shoppers to select brand videos to watch as well as an opportunity to write a personalised message in the top four languages spoken across the globe.

In an environment with many nationalities passing through we have evolved the bus software to make it more user friendly and available in English, French, Arabic, and Mandarin. It also includes an interactive ticker at the front mimicking the destination sign of a real life London bus. Shoppers can choose their own message to display on the bus, offering brand engagement and personalisation which is key within the travel retail industry.

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