Midsummer Solstice lands in GTR

An Activation in Bloom

The Brief

Whilst often praised for its quirky Scottish roots, Hendricks has become one of the best-selling brands across the world and quenches the insatiable thirst of gin lovers. However, their imaginative roots have blossomed once again with the introduction of their limited-edition Midsummer Solstice release; launched from their Cabinet of Curiosities.

This small batch, defined as a ‘fine floral gin’ is a celebration of the coming summer and required a playful, exciting retail activation which would compliment the drink itself.

As a recognised brand worldwide, it seemed only fitting that Hendricks would debut the limited-edition within the global travel retail market.

The Insight

Hendricks refer to the limited-edition as a ‘poetic expression of temporality’ and it was this description which sparked our insight for the travel retail activation. This would not be your standard airport activation, we would curate a space which was inspired by the beauty of Midsummer Solstice.

We designed delicate bar area, surrounded by faux foliage and decadent floral arrangements, to create a summer party vibe; allowing shoppers to feel part of the midsummer experience. This delicateness is juxtaposed with the oversized Hendricks factice, a bold brand statement providing the perfect engaging instagrammable moment.

Implemented in a multitude of airports across Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A and Russia. Even as a limited-edition, Hendricks released Midsummer solstice with incredible impact.

The Result

Back in 2017, gin became the tipple of choice in most households and bars. Sales and interest sky-rocketed, allowing brands such as Hendricks to continue their valiant efforts to surprise and delight with new flavours. Our activation for the Midsummer Solstice campaign saw this small batch fly off the shelves, further expressing its temporality.

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