From a tantalising tipple to terrific trapeze tricks

  Nominated for Design: Environmental/3D Design (Including Exhibitions)



Hendrick’s required a Christmas engagement to entice and delight the curious folk travelling through Changi Airport. HRG were tasked with embracing the unusual and non-traditional fun festive spirit to encourage dwell time and inspire glorious sales within a high profile space.



Hendrick’s has forged a name for crafting gin production on a small scale. Inspired by this niche approach we conjured up the Marvellously Miniscule Mechanical Travelling Flea Circus with intriguing quintessentially quirky graphics and props to set the stage. Featuring animated miniature Hendrick’s bottles performing spell-binding circus tricks, the spectacle within a display box truly celebrated the joy and wonder of Christmas with Hendrick’s.



Award nomination for Environmental/3D Design


Weeks turnaround


Weeks live in Changi Airport


Spaces the Unusual Christmas concept has been activated

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