3 ways to spend your shopper marketing budget

3 highly effective ways of spending your shopper marketing budget in the digital era to maximise your return on investment

Whilst FMCG product purchases still largely occur offline, today’s omnichannel shopper habitually uses digital channels to research products and engage with brands. However, the digital landscape can be confusing, and it can be hard to know where is best to spend your budget to drive sales and maximise your return on investment.


Amazon continues to dominate the world of online retail and has transformed the way that consumers shop. Did you know that 55% of online shoppers now begin their product search on Amazon? Therefore, if your brand isn’t standing out against its competitors, you could be losing out on valuable online sales. But how can you capitalise on this channel?

Optimising your products on Amazon will put your brand front of mind for consumers browsing online. Successful product pages are easy to find and informative, using accurate product titles with relevant keywords, clear images and engaging, descriptive copy.

Vendors also have the option to create A+ pages; conveying the value and benefits of a product with visuals and engaging marketing content. A+ content can help overcome purchase hesitations, increase sales of complimentary products and drive brand affinity.

Retailer Websites

Applying a digital lens to your brand strategy will help you create content that converts potential customers online as well as offline. By better understanding your customer’s purchase intentions and habits through social listening, we can build persona groups and identify the conversion funnel; ensuring their needs are met each time they interact with the brand on their path to purchase.

By implementing the right copy to meet persona objectives, it is possible to activate ‘buy now’ behaviour when the customer is browsing retailer websites online.

A Multi-Channel Approach

Technology continues to transform all forms of marketing by providing us with effective ways in which we can measure the return on investment. Online adverts across a range of channels such as social media or Google Display Network can deliver a targeted message to your shopper whilst they are browsing online. However, no matter how engaging and relevant the message, the likelihood of a shopper immediately purchasing online as a result of viewing one of these adverts is very slim. Therefore, for the most effective return on investment, online ads should be used as part of a multi-channel approach; putting the brand front of mind, driving footfall into stores and creating purchase intent using offers, promotions or value-added content.

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Article Credit: Lauren Harwood, Digital Specialist for HRG

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