5 ways to disrupt the shopper journey

5 ways to use mobile to disrupt the shopper journey

Naturally, you want to form close connections with your customers and one way of doing this is by using digital platforms to immerse your brand in their world.

The sharing of posts through social media has become second nature for millennials, readily adopting shared media advertising as part of their relationship with brands and overall mobile experience. We look at the newest social media innovations to help you reach consumers and interact like never before.

Geo Filters

When installed in an app, geo filters allow you to make your content available to customers who are in a specific area, for example a city, shop or airport.

Snapchat Lenses

Those crazy cartoon faces of animals that people overlay onto pics of their mates aren’t just a silly gimmick. Dubbed ‘lenses’ or ‘filters’, many leading brands are seeing the potential to encourage some fun creative interaction with their customers and attract attention-grabbing publicity.

The opportunities for lenses are limitless, for example using special brand-led graphics like a shower of popcorn, or the mask of a cartoon hero to help promote a feature film or promotional tie-in. And it doesn’t have to stop there; you can use hashtags to generate awareness and buzz around the fun lens filters you offer.

Targeted Channel Advertising

Another effective way of targeting your customers is through paid social media and display advertising. Potential customers can be targeted by their interests, job titles, demographics and even location; ensuring your brand content is put in front of a relevant and engaged audience.

Proximity Marketing

Using an app that a customer already has installed on their phone (for example, a voucher code app or transport app), targeted messages and offers can be pushed to the shopper on their lock screen to disrupt their journey. These can be displayed as soon as the shopper walks into a store and have significantly higher views than emails or SMS messages.

Onsite Promotion Reveals

Rewards naturally make consumers feel valued and encourage brand loyalty; and when they come out of the blue, they feel extra special. To make it easy to deliver onsite incentives, make Geo-fenced content part of your strategy. These work by unlocking specific rewards to entice a customer or potential target to visit a specific store or destination.

Driven by targeted display advertising on social media, the incentivised reward is just another tool to make any brand offer that extra bit of personalisation.

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