World Cucumber Day Returns

When the clock struck 3.00pm on 14 June, everything at HRG stopped for G & T. Not our usual practice, we must add but a special event bringing our staff together to celebrate Hendrick’s Gin’s World Cucumber Day!

Hendrick’s Gin is a brand with a thirst for eccentric curiosities and if things couldn’t get any peculiar, this year’s platform features cucumber varieties in travelling Curiositarium displays. These rare specimens are truly one of a kind and amazing spectacles, so we invited our staff to explore them in their natural habitat.


World Cucumber Day, HRG Head Office


Cue a globetrotting display of cucumber curiosities

In the run up to World Cucumber Day, William Grant & Sons have partnered with leading travel retailers in a worldwide promotion inviting travellers to learn about the Hendrick’s story and its trademark cucumber serving whilst getting immersed in an unforgettable display of eccentricity. Centrepiece of this year’s campaign are 22 encased ‘Cucumber Curiositarium’ specimens in every variety imaginable from ‘The World’s Smallest Cucumber’ to ‘The Invisible Cucumber’.


World Cucumber Day, London Gatwick Airport


Our team at HRG also created bespoke displays at airports including ‘The Climbing Cucumber’, ‘The Conducting Cucumber’, ‘The Tallest Cucumber’, ‘The Indulgent Cucumber’ and ‘The Well Balanced Cucumber’. Along with these theatrical set pieces in travel retail stores, we delivered tasting, promotions and gifts, reaching a projected global audience of 70 million passengers a year.

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